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  • I was born in Philly, PA - but unfortunately moved when I was less than 5 years old. I've been basically a lifelong resident of the East Coast (except for a brief few years of college and work in New Mexico & California). I love every state in this country, but I have to say the number of factories/bakeries/craftsmen in Pennsylvania is just awesome, hoagies, amish furniture and cheesesteak are craved internationally, and I still feel the good old American can-do spirit is alive and well. I love whenever I get to go back to visit - but I've lived in so many beautiful and culturally diverse states, where's your favorite city or state? -Max
  • Thanks so much for checking out the MadeInUSAReview Forum - Please feel free to introduce yourself to the other fans of United States manufacturing. You never know what opportunities await if you try to network with those who have similar interests! What Made In USA Products have you used? Be sure to share any questions you have in the appropriate category. Thank you, Regards, -Max
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