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1888Mills MadeHere 100% Cotton Super Absorbent Bath Towel (Multiple Colors)

"Made of 100% USA Grown Cotton with Pima Rich Loops. Super Absorbent and Low -linting Bath Towel/ Sheet ( Listing for only one bath towel or sheet). Size: Towel (30 in x 56 in), Sheet (36 in x 64 in). Generously sized & available in various colors. Machine wash; tumble dry; do not bleach." -Made Here

Official Website;

Product Review; "Before I'd started buying only USA products, I had gotten a cheap "made in indonesia" towel from CVS - I wanted to replace it for moral reasons, but of course (I had only had it for about a year) and the corners were fraying, and everytime I used it, lint fibers would be left all over my body. I made the switch to the Made In USA since 1888 (1888 Mills, "Made Here" Brand) for only a few dollars more than the import, and I'm so pleased with the quality and absorbancy of this Bath Towel. It's 100% cotton and a really soft, full-body sized towel I give to friends and family, they always really love it as well." -MadeInUSAReview

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