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3M ConstructionAndHomeImprovements Window Insulator Kit With Scotch Mounting Tape (Multiple Sizes)

"Available in a variety of indoor and outdoor window sizes. 3M Window Insulator Kits keep cold drafts out and warm air in through heat shrink window film and Scotch Window Film Mounting Tape. 3M window kits have the clearest film and stay up all season long with Scotch tape technology. Scotch double sided tape holds firmly between films and surfaces." -3M

Product Review; "New England houses can be very drafty - our windows are half broken and poorly insulated. We easily found these while at a Home Depot, and in only a few hours you can have 5 (or more) windows sealed off and keeping the warmth in - Keep in mind, to heat-seal the plastic, you will need some sort of blow dryer. The kit includes Scotch tape for application to the windowframe, but I will say, applying to Painted wood, especially gloss or high-gloss plaint, is almost impossible (I ended up using painters tape for some cases). All-in-all an easy an affordable option for insulating your home in the winter, and (though it may be suggestible to simply buy a large roll of foil plastic, tape it up and do the whole thing separately) in a pinch its a great product." -MadeInUSAReview


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