AmmoAudio Portable Bluetooth Speaker / USB Battery Charger

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

"4" Coaxial Speakers, Mounted MDF Cabinet for Clear Sound Bluetooth Antenna - Wireless (50+ft Range!) USB Equipped for Charging Devices (on X) 24+Hrs of Playback per Charge Charges Up in 3-4Hrs (Charger Included) Military Style Control Panel. Fat 50 Ammo Can Shell on X (PA-108). Made in the USA by veterans." -AmmoAudio

Official Website;

Product Review; "This speaker absolutely bumps! It can easily fill a large room with great sounding music - Unfortunately no volume control on my model, so be sure levels are correct on the playback device before you begin. Bluetooth connection is good at about 10-20 feet, especially with the lid open and antenna up. The battery is massive, lasting easily a week or two of moderate use, and the included USB ports for charging other devices is a huge plus. It is quite expensive (usually about $400) but look for it on a holiday sale and it's a fantastic quality speaker guaranteed to last."


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