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AwesomeProductsInc Oxy-Ultra Deluxe / Ultra Concentrated Liquid Dish Detergent (Multiple Scents)

"Don’t spend hours scrubbing those dishes, pots, and pans! Just add a little Ultra Deluxe dish detergent. Designed to cut through tough grease with ease, this delightfully scented liquid dish detergent is great for restaurants, caterers, banquets, soup kitchens, and busy moms. Case includes 9 – 50-oz. bottles of LA’s Totally Awesome® Ultra-Deluxe Liquid Detergent."

-LA's Totally Awesome

Product Review; "Another great cleaning product from LA's Totally Awesome Inc. This is a super-affordable Dish Soap that still gets the job done! Considered a 'discount' or not name-brand line of products, yet it performs along with the best of them - and money goes to a relatively small US company, instead of an already monopolistically massive conglomeration." -MadeInUSAReview


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