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BaconProductsCorporation Hummer's Galore All-Natural Hummingbird Nectar Mix (4oz Pouch)

"Make bird watching the best by using the enticing nectar formulation of Hummer's Galore Hummingbird Nectar. All natural. No preservatives or artificial color added. Pre-measured, easy to mix, maintains freshness." -BaconProducts

Official Website (BaconProducts);

Product Review; "Not sure why the company is called 'Bacon Products' (there were no Bacon-related products I could find from them)- But regardless the Nectar Mix they sell is well loved by the hummingbirds in my area. Easy to make - Just combine with 16oz of Water, and pour into your favorite American Made Hummingbird Feeder. I have a great time feeding wildlife and watching the varieties of local birds who come to have a drink. The mix is highly formulated - perfect for North American Hummingbirds! Keep beautiful wildlife happy and healthy - Enjoy the sights and sounds of a fruitful backyard, and support a small American company while you're at it!" -MadeInUSAReview


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