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RubbermaidInc Ball/Kerr Glass Wide Mouth Mason Jar Container (12, 16oz Sizes)

"Ball Collection Elite Brushed Silver Wide Mouth Pint (16-oz.) Jars capture your creativity. Perfect for sharing, this jar has a contemporary style that is ideal for creative preserving and storing. Elegant enough to take your flavored mustards, savory dressings, luscious chutneys and fruit-filled jams from the kitchen to the table, these uniquely shaped jars hold endless imagination.

The Ball® brand helps keep your creations fresh and beautiful!."


Product Review; "Mason Jars made from Bell / Kerr have been a safe and traditional way of preserving foods for decades - The quality / durability of the glass and the vacuum tight seal allows for foods to be stored for orders of magnitude longer than they'd last otherwise (even without cold storage). Spices, Jams, Candies and much more all fit in the nicely portioned 16oz Jar, If you want to stop wasting food - Just throw the leftover ingredients in one of these little containers!" -MadeInUSAReview


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