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BeanProductsInc Organic Pure Cotton White Shower Curtain (Multiple Sizes / Colors / Materials)

"Organic Cotton Shower Curtain is better for you, your home and our Environment. GOTS certified Organic Cotton fabric in Natural Unbleached, White - (bleached in eco - friendly hydrogen peroxide), and Grey colors.  All are expertly sewn and sized for Standard Tub size 70 x 74 inches, Large Stall size 54 x74 inches, and Small Stall size 36 x 74 inches.  The 74 inch length allows for any shrinkage left in the preshrunk organic cotton fabric and the curtain is easily hemmed shorter but it is possible to intentionally shrink the curtains in hot water and high dryer heat which can shorten somewhat.  Using these organic cotton shower curtains requires no toxic PVC liner - Eco Friendly - Made in USA by Bean Products" -BeanProducts

Product Review; "Certainly a bit more expensive than your standard 'thin vinyl' shower curtain sewed overseas, but if you're looking to class up your washroom, this thick organic cotton shower curtain from Bean Products in Chicago is handcrafted to meet the highest standard of quality. Available in multiple dimensions and colors - with different production materials like hemp as an option. Invest properly in one-time-purchases like shower curtains, you'll forget about the bit of extra money you spent, but you'll always see a beautiful handmade cloth every time you go to take a refreshing shower." -MadeInUSAReview


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