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BudsBestCookiesInc Pecan Chocolate Chip Supremes Bite Size Cookies (Multiple Sizes)

"Because there's no limit to how much yumminess you can pack into a cookie, we took our already delicious Pecan Supremes and packed them full of rich chocolate chips. Yum + yum = yum yum. (Also sold in 2.25 oz. servings.)" -BudsBestCookies

Product Review; "Whenever I see Bud's Best Cookies I make sure to grab a box (Pecan Chocolate Chip are probably my favorite) but there's a few flavors, and they're always very affordably priced (never more than a dollar or two). Crunchy yet moist and savory - Stick em in the microwave for a few seconds and grab some milk! Say no to nabisco or con agra.. Support a better company, and get a better tasting cookie!" -MadeInUSAReview


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