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CaliseAndSonsBakery Wheat Flour Sub Rolls (Multiple Sizes)

"Store at room temperature or freeze. 15oz (425g) 2 Quality Drive Lincoln, RI 02865 Rolls, Split, Enriched, Deli. Since 1908. 0 Grams trans fat per serving. No cholesterol." -CaliseBakery

Product Review; "I from Philidephia and we really like our Subs / Sandwiches - and Calise And Sons Bakery has made soft buttery bread rolls that really make a nice Hoagie, Cheese-Steak or Meatball Grinder. Especially tasty when oiled, seasoned and lighty toasted - Calise Bread Loafs can be hard to find online - so look out for them at your local Grocery Store in the NorthEast US. Otherwise always look at the information on the packging and make sure it's a Product Of USA!" -MadeInUSAReview


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