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CitizenCider Brose Blueberry Cider (12fl oz can, 6.1 ABV)

"Brosé: Cider rosé made by three bros right in the great state of Vermont. Brosé is hand crafted by co-fermenting blueberries and fresh local cider pressed at our Press House on Flynn Ave. Brosé is the embodiment of cooperation. Blueberry and apple, summer and fall, farmers and cider makers. Here’s to getting along."


Product Review; "A very interesting taste, you really should try if you're into unique craft brews made around America. The kind of cider you want to sip from a champagne glass while on a boat on a lake - whatever that means. I found this at my local New England liquor store, but if yours doesn't seem to have it, put in a request and help spread this one-of-a-kind beverage around!"



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