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DoumakInc Fireside Naturally Gluten,Fat,Dairy-Free Mini-Marshmallows (Multiple Sizes)

"Doumak is The Marshmallow Company in every segment of the category, but you could say that private label is still our sweet spot. We always make to order to give you the highest quality product on the market and we are recognized industry-wide as an excellent supplier with the highest standards for on-time, accurate deliveries." -Doumak

Official Website (Doumak);

Product Review; "Doumak's Miny Marshmallows are such a surprisingly useful cooking ingredient and make a tasty and light snack by themselves! Throw some in your hot-cocoa, melt them on top of sweet potatoes, or mix up a gooey batch of rice crispy treats - kids and grown ups love these little puffs - and the Doumak marshmallow factory outside of Chicago has been supplying the demand for generations!" -MadeInUSAReview


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