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DutchCrafters Amish Made Chess / Checker Board (Multiple Styles)

"Offering a classic game to be enjoyed by family members of all ages, the Amish Wooden Checker Board is an exquisite solid wood model. This beautiful solid wood checker board is one that children and grandchildren will cherish. They won't soon forget the richness of the wooden board that supports a fun game of checkers or chess. As a gift or for your home game collection, this wood toy made by the Amish is one that will last forever. Rich maple and walnut woods are used for this board. Maple wood is hard and durable creating a strong board. Walnut's heartwood is a deep, rich brown with a heavy grain that contributes to a luxurious texture and look." -DutchCrafters

Product Review; "I am a huge fan of chess, addictive strategy, competition and memories of childhood power-outages with chess and checkers games by candle-light. I personally bought a slightly more premium version than the one shown here, but you can look at the many options and customize each to your preferred wood, stain and more. Unfortunately I don't believe any of the Chess pieces they sell on DutchCrafters are made domestically, I bought a board with pieces only to discover the pieces were made in china.. I plan on making my own. The board is unbelievable quality, ultimate craftsmanship in woodworking, it's such pleasure every time I get to sit back and play a match or two with a friend."



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