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EnjoyLifeFoods Chocolate Protein Bites Dark Raspberry (Multiple Sizes)

"Fuel your day with our NEW Dark Raspberry Protein Bites. The indulgent combination of raspberries and dairy-free dark chocolate will make snack time feel like a treat. Each bag contains five servings, each packed with 6g of vegan protein. Perfect for those with allergy sensitivities, our Protein Bites are free from common allergens as well as palm oil and gluten." -EnjoyLifeFoods

Product Review; "Enjoy Life has quickly risen the ranks and become my go-to snack when I need to grab something quick from a convenient store. Perfectly chewy, rich chocolate with a good amount of nutrients like protein and iron. If you are a fan of fudge or chocolate protein bars, the Dark Raspberry flavor adds just the right amount of fruitiness and bite." -MadeInUSAReview


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