Falconer Electronics 4 Outlet Commercial Power Strip (6ft Cord)

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

"Heavy Duty Commercial Power Strips from Falconer Electronics are tough! When you purchase a commercial power strip from Falconer Electronics, you have the confidence that your project is powered by a durable and reliable product. All Commercial Power Strips are manufactured with U.S. Fabricated Steel. Also, each Commercial Power Strip is produced and assembled in the USA." -FalconerElectronics

Official Website / Online Store; https://falconerelectronics.com/product/4-outlet-commercial-power-strip/

Product Review; "Not much to say about such a dependable and study power strip - it always works so I sometimes forget it's there! It's so great we still have manufacturers of heavy duty electrical equipment in the US, electricity is obviously a staple of modern life, I only wish more people were aware of the damage buying imported products does to an economy (especially in the long term). I employ everyone replace everything in their home with domestic, and (while it might be expensive) with patience, you'll find a new respect for the objects you possess, and (in the long term) the positive effects it has on the people and places around you." -MadeInUSAReview



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