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FarmPlast Heavy Duty Super Crate (Multiple Colors)

"Meet an "S-Crate" which stands for Super Crate. This crate can fit almost everything and anything. It can stack and lock right side up and side-ways. Designed specifically for the: Party rental industry for storage of large charger plates and other tall items that regular crates couldn't fit.Storage of vinyl records. Storing propane tanks and 5 gallon water jugs. Schools who want to use the crates sideways to use as storage for backpacks, books etc..."


Product Review; "Domestic made storage options are becoming harder to find every day - But companies like FarmPlast LLC (MilkCratesDirect) are proving that Made In USA means honest dependability, premium materials, attention to detail, and supporting mindful production processes. These crates are structurally supportive stackable (even sideways) molded plastic. Perfect for records, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations - Easily carry heavy weight with no bending or stretching of the crate. A premium storage option for home or commercial use, at a very competitive price." -MadeInUSAReview


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