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FiftyHome SeaSationals 5" Sea Sponge Body Washing Loofah

"Premium sea sponges, also known as Rock Island wool sponges, are the most prized of all sponges. These soft sponges are harvested in deep water off the cost of Central and North Florida's Gulf Coast. These sponges are denser and will outlast the prime sea wool sponges. With daily use and proper care, it is not unusual for these sea sponges to last a year or more. Their super-soft texture combined with body wash or bath & shower gel is the perfect and natural way to clean your skin." -FiftyHome

Product Review; "It was surprisingly difficult to find a Made In USA Bath Sponge online - (maybe I didn't look hard enough) But I came across SeaSationals products through and their list of great American Made / Natural Sourced in USA items. For ~$15 this isn't cheap, but these Sea Sponges are environmentally picked off the Gulf Coast of Florida and really make a powerful exfoliating body cleaning tool. Sea Sponges naturally have antimicrobial properties - a great decorative or self care product!" -MadeInUSAReview


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