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FordGumAndMachineCompany BigLeagueChewProperties Wild Pitch Watermelon Bubble Gum (2.12oz bag)

"Big League Chew® Wild Pitch Watermelon is the Hall of Fame Bubble Gum! Shredded bubble gum in a stay-fresh pouch that keeps the juicy flavor locked inside. A fan favorite since 1980, Big League Chew is bubble gum fun for everyone!" -BigLeagueChew

Product Review; "The classic American Bubble Gum - The official Gum of Major League Baseball and is being exhibited the National Baseball hall of fame! It's story is one of hard work, a bit of luck and the pioneering and inventive American Spirit. Very sweet and juicy, Big League Chew always makes for big bubbles and the Wild Pitch Watermelon flavor is great (even if I dislike the use of Aspartame, Artificial flavors and colors) and boy is it cheap. In the end, I'd buy an Small-Business American product (with slightly unhealthy ingredients) over a Big-Business import (with healthy ingredients) any day - and I even let the company know what I think, and maybe they'll change someday!" -MadeInUSAReview


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