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FruitOfTheEarth 99.8% Pure Aloe Vera Gel Health Drink (1gallon)

"Drink to your health with our aloe vera juice, made using only the finest organic aloe from 100% hand-harvested inner gel fillet. Contains 99.8% aloe vera with no added sugars, starches, flavors, or thickeners. Can be enjoyed plain or added to your favorite juice or mixer for endless flavor combinations. Good health never tasted better!" -Fruit Of The Earth

Product Review; "Pure Aloe Vera is really great for keeping your skin and pores looking healthy - This ingestible Aloe Juice is easily taken with juice or tea, and has a pleasant but very passive taste. I have been trying a number of health products, as I want to be more active in preventing health problems before they become a costly issue. I found this 1 gallon jug at a nearby CVS convenience store near the nutritional supplements (the cost was quite marked-up but I assume to cover the otherwise high shipping cost). If you are interested in health supplements, drinkable (organically sourced) Aloe Vera Gel should be a must-buy on your list!"



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