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IdSoftware & BethesdaSoftworks Doom 3 BFG Edition Steam Video Game

"Experience the tense, heart-pounding action of Doom 3. Alone, stranded on Mars, and the gates of Hell thrown open, you are tasked with saving humanity. Descend below the surface of Mars and through the Hellmouth into the infernal abyss as you fight to stop the demon hordes from getting to Earth. Immerse yourself in the world of Doom 3, id’s unique take on the action-horror genre."


Product Review; "Developed by ID Software in the USA, Doom 3 BFG Edition contains The original Doom, Doom 2 and the horrifying Doom 3 (originally released during the XBox 360 Generation). This trio of games has so much replay value, so much fun content packed into a digital box for just a few dollars (especially if you can get it while discounted). The classic sound effects, and timeless challenging twitch FPS gameplay will have you poring hours into this game - And it's a great spooky choice for the Autumn / Halloween season!" -MadeInUSAReview


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