JelSertCompany My-T-Fine Butterscotch/Chocolate/Fudge/Vanilla/Lemon Pudding Mix (3.12oz box)

"My*T*Fine cook & serve pudding mixes have been a family tradition for over 90 years. Generations of families have trusted only My*T*Fine to deliver their favorite rich and creamy pudding Desserts. We keep our high standards to this day so you can continue to count on My*T*Fine for delicious quality puddings for any occasion. Start a new tradition and find a new family favorite My*T*Fine pudding dessert from our recipe section." -JelSert

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Product Review; "I had never made a Pie from scratch - making the crust was easier than expected, and making a delicious chocolate pudding filling was actually a pretty entertaining experience (the instructions require you to keep stirring the mix as it heats, or it will "puddingify" almost instantly)! Not the healthiest product by any means, but a box is very cheap and stores for a long time, because I love keeping my pantry stocked with ingredients and being able to cook / bake a number of dishes without needing to go out and buy anything pre-made." -MadeInUSAReview

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