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JelSertCompany Sonic Ocean Water & Cherry Limeade Freezer Bars (Multiple Sizes)

"Includes Sonic's top 2 beverage flavors: Cherry Limeade and Ocean Water! Natural & Artificial Flavors. 70 Freezer Pops. Freeze and Eat!" -Sonic

Product Review; "The great American food manufacturer of puddings and other desserts Jel Sert, pairs up with the fast-food chain Sonic to recreate some of their well-known flavors like Ocean Water in single-serving Freezer Pop form - perfect for home snacking or a treat by the pool / beach ! Not the healthiest Freezer Pop out there - but they definitely did well recreating the flavors - kids and grown-ups will love cooling down with this special summertime treat ! -MadeInUSAReview


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