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JohannaFoodsCo Ssips Naturally Flavored Green Tea With Honey And Ginseng Drink (Multiple Sizes)

"From refreshing Lemon Iced Tea and old-fashioned Lemonade to the tropical flavors of Ssips Sabor Latino drinks and nectars, Ssips refrigerated drinks offer flavors that will satisfy everyone! Look for our delicious new Ssips Green Tea with Honey & Ginseng! Green Tea contains antioxidants which have many health benefits."


Official Website (JohannaFoods);

Product Review; "No you don't have to give up your sweet juice drinks if you want to buy always and only USA products - Ssips has a wide line of delicious drinks you can pick up at any grocery store for only a dollar or two! Though definitely not the healthiest drink (with high fructose corn syrup), the Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng is refreshing, affordable and easy to find - give it a try!"



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