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John Copes Canned Golden Sweet Corn

"Enjoy all the rich flavor of sweet summer corn, selected from tender young ears grown from a new hybrid seed of our own selection – that’s what makes John Cope’s products stand out. Our golden corn is cut fresh from the cob and evaporated using a special process, resulting in a delicious flavor that’s sure to have you coming back for seconds (or thirds!)." -HanoverFoodsOutlet

Product Review; "Canned food is a great resource to have around in emergencies, cooking ventures or times when money doesn't permit fresh groceries - buy a few staple food items (in bulk if you can / if need be) keep them in a cool, dark location, and they'll last many months (if not years). John Cope's products (available at the Hanover Foods Outlet) are always dependable for delicious, nutritious and quality sourced, USA grown corn - Also available in a ground-toasted version, great for breakfast meals! A fantastic ingredient or side dish, for the money this canned corn can't be beat!" -MadeInUSAReview


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