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Lasko 20inch 3speed Box Fan (Floor / Window Cooling)

"The Lasko 20' Box Fan creates efficient airflow to keep your home or work space cool and comfortable and helps to dry out dampness. There are three quiet speeds to choose from, and the top-mounted controls provide quick and easy operation. You can place this fan directly in front of air conditioning vent to circulate air conditioning faster and boost your chill factor. A handle on the top allows this Lasko box fan to be lifted and carried to wherever it is required. The metal frame is durable, and the front grill and blades are removable for wiping and cleaning. It also features a weather-resistant motor for worry-free window use. No tools are required for set-up or maintenance, adding even more convenience. This fan comes with a one year limited warranty. Lasko has been engineering and building great-looking, high performance home comfort products in the U.S. and around the world for more than 100 years. The company has grown to an international organization and market leader in portable fans and ceramic heaters including room fans, high velocity fans, ceramic, low-profile heaters and many more." -Lasko

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Product Review; "This type of fan from Lasko is NO LONGER MADE IN THE USA - While they DO have a new round, adjustable model they say is made here, I cannot find the country of manufacture plainly spelled out on the product, so for now I've been sticking to this still powerful and quiet older "Steel-Body" model. It's a great work horse fan - will last for many years, and is easily repairable if anything breaks down. It's so affordable, it's feasible so have a few in strategic windows in your house, and get great airflow and cooling in those dog-days of summer."



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