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MartinsFamousPastryShoppeInc Martins Big Marty's Enriched Rolls With Sesame Seeds (18oz bag)

"Who in the World Is “Big Marty”? Grandpa Martin (Lloyd), co-founder of Martin’s, was once given a nickname by his pals: “Marty.” And Grandpa liked his sandwiches “big.” So back when we first started making a large, 4-inch roll, it only made sense to name it after the man who started it all. Thus began our “Big Marty’s.” Big Marty’s are large white rolls with sesame seeds. They have a soft yet stable structure that holds up to even the heaviest pile of stuffings (veggies, burgers, condiments, etc.). So throw a burger on the grill…or create a veggie burger “to die for”… Use Martin’s Big Marty Rolls and it’ll be a pleasurable and memorable eating experience!" -PotatoRolls

Product Review; "Potato Rolls are known for being dense and thick, but Big Marty's Rolls are surprisingly light and fluffy, perfectly toasted buttery sandwich bread! Makes for a spectacular cheeseburger or sloppy-joe, If you ever see these at your grocery store, pick up one or a few bags (they freeze for long-term storage very well)!" -MadeInUSAReview


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