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McCormickAndCompany FrenchsFoodCompanyLLC Tomato Ketchup (Multiple Sizes)

" Made with fresh, ripe tomatoes, sugar, onion powder, and a variety of spices and herbs, the sweet signature taste of French's Ketchup makes it the ideal condiment for tailgates, barbecues, kitchen table dinners and more. Squeeze on all your favorite dishes - from hot dogs to burgers to french fries." -McCormick

Product Review; "Heinz has just about taken over - Virtually every restaurant has it on the table, and every grocery store has it for sale.. Current business decisions, and monopolizing buyouts have me concerned, and I opted to pick up some French's Tomato Ketchup instead. It's amazing how used to heinz I was.. don't get me wrong this is no artisinal, premium ketchup - but the difference was noticeably better (even though they cost roughly the same). Support small companies whenever you can, and many times you wont have to compromise and end up discovering something way better." -MadeInUSAReview


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