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Miller High Life Lager Beer (16oz)

"A favorite among bartenders, brewers, and beer lovers in general, Miller High Life was launched as Miller Brewing Company’s flagship beer in 1903. Its crisp, easy-drinking flavor is the epitome of the American lager category. True to its original recipe, it’s brewed with a proprietary blend of malted barley, Galena hops from the Pacific Northwest, and Miller yeast. 4.6% ABV / 7 IBUs / 141 calories (12 oz. serving)" -MillerHighLife

Product Review; "American beer tends to be light, refreshing and easily drinkable, and Miller High Life is no exception, the classic party or celebration beer - great for drinking games, pairing with food, or staying cool at a backyard barbecue. If you've lived in the US I'm sure you've tried it at some point, so be sure to remember this American favorite for your next get-together!"



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