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Morton Table Salt (26oz)

"At Morton Salt, we’re passionate about what we do and how we do it. That’s because we’re helping to improve people’s lives in more ways and places than ever before. While most know us for our iconic round blue package of table salt, there is a lot more to Morton. People trust us to unlock the flavors in food. To make roads and sidewalks safer. To improve the water in baths, pools and homes. To keep business and industry running. And so much more." -MortonSalt

Official Website; "

Product Review; "Morton Salt has been an American producer for generations, the logo has become a piece a pop culture, and vintage iconography. There's not too much I can say about the regular variety - it's about as predictable and dependable as table salt should be (although Morton sells a wide number of unique salts, I'm not sure they're all domestically produced), but probably the most important factor in considering buying Mortons, is that I don't need to international shipping containers on massive freight ships in order to prevent ice on the driveway, scrub and clean with the power of NaCl, and make my food delicious and nutritious."



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