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MrCoffee Glass / White Plastic Coffeepot Model D-7C (10cup capacity)

Product Review; "I bought an Assembled In USA Coffeemaker from Bunn and (as is the case with many USA Assembled Products) some of the parts were not American made. This included the glass Coffeepot which was Made In Germany - I try to replace imported parts whenever I can and this was a relatively easy fix! An EBay search and a few days later I had a "New-Old-Stock / New In Box" Coffee Carafe for only about $20 (cheaper than the overpriced new imports). A stong handle even with a full pot - and it comes apart for easy wash up. If you sometimes need a coffee / tea like I do and also can't stand the imports, Mr. Coffee products have you covered." -MadeInUSAReview


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