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NightDiveStudios IguanaEntertainment AcclaimEntertainmentInc Turok (Remastered) FPS PC Video Game

"A world where time has no meaning - and evil knows no bounds. Torn from a world long gone, the time traveling warrior Turok has found himself thrust into a savage land torn by conflict."

-NightDive Studios

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Product Review; "It's a tie between Turok and Doom for my favorite First Person Shooter of all time. The atmosphere and fast-paced gameplay never required an expensive gaming PC or quick-twitch reflexes for a great time. Turok was popular towards the start of the graphical arms race that is modern video games.. Iguana Entertainment had to make shortcuts and work-arounds to get all the features they wanted while not over-working processing power - and the gameplay is still thrilling all these years later."



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