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No-Mes Steel Toenail Clipper

"The No-Mes Nail Clipper has an innovative design that makes clipping your nails a simple and neat task. Patented design holds the clippings inside, and is easily opened and emptied. Manufactured from the highest quality Heat Treated Stainless Steel. 100% Unconditional Satisfaction and Lifetime Guarantee. Made in the USA by Industrial Tool & Die" -NoMesNailClipper

Product Review; "The No-Mes design is simple, yet such a helpful addition I'm surprised it's not more well-known. A small compartment behind the teeth of the clipper catches all nail clippings and prevents any from being flung away - And is easily opened and hygenically emptied into the trash. The Toenail version is slighty larger (than the fingernail version) with a bigger jaw opening and has an easy to grab back section, which makes clipping while bent over much easier for us who are - less flexable. Strong mechanism - the pieces snap apart (Instead of breaking) under too much load - This is a quality replacement for any cheap little Nail Clippers you've been struggling with."



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