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Pap-R Products Coin-Tainer Assorted Paper Coin Sorting Cartridges

"Pre-crimped on one end for instant use, these wrappers offer the ultimate in speed and convenience. They are available in bright, fade-resistant, and ecologically safe ABA standard color, and imprinting can be done at no extra charge. Made from 60# Natural (Brown) Kraft Paper and double-wrapped, these coin wrappers are some of the strongest available." -PapRProducts

Product Review; "Banks in my area do not accept coins anymore.. They used to count them and deposit the funds if you chose. The option is to put the coins in sleeves and here I've found a super cheap yet very well made USA made product. You can find them in the office section of some convenience stores (CVS, Walgreens) but many varieties (and large amounts of specific denominations) can be found online. I enjoy setting up a coffee can with the Coin-Tainers stood up inside, so I can easily throw spare change into it's correct tube at the end of the day." -MadeInUSAReview


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