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PelicanProducts 1150 Watertight Crushproof Foam Interior Polypropylene Case

"Sensitive equipment needs protection, and since 1976 the answer has been the Pelican™ Protector Case. These cases are designed rugged, and travel the harshest environments on earth, against the extreme cold of the artic or the heat of battle. Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof. Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve - balances interior pressure, keeps water out. Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence. O-ring seal. Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight. Pick N Pluck™ with convoluted lid foam. Stainless steel hardware. TrekPak Kit for 1150."


Product Review; "Pelican is known worldwide for their surpassing quality and virtually indestructible cases. Each one comes with customisable foam, so you can make sure your possessions are snugly secured while traveling - airtight and watertight too! Buying new can be expensive, if you're looking for dependable lifelong firearm or personal item storage look for preowned Pelican cases - their condition is hard to degrade and you can find them for up to half their normal price." -MadeInUSAReview


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