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PolarBeveragesInc Sparkling Frost Zero-Calorie Flavored Carbonated Water (Multiple Flavors)

"Hello Refreshment! Welcome to your new flavor-ite water. Made for all those moments when you need more refreshment, more sparkle, more big fruit taste…for when you need more attitude from your water (and none of the calories of added sugar.) Zero Calories. Big Fruit Flavor. Added Vitamins & Antioxidants" -DrinkPolarFrost

Official Website;

Product Review; "I was pleased to see at least a few soft drinks that weren't shipped in on a boat in my local 7-11 convenience store, and one being Polar's relatively new Sparkling Frost flavored water, it's become a tasty and very cheap (about $1.50) favorite. I haven't tried all the flavors yet, but the Lemon Lime or Nordic Berry are great replacements for those with a Lacroix habit. Look out for this and other Polar bevs at your nearest corner convenience!" -MadeInUSAReview


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