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Raven Hollow Tri-Fold Wallet With Snaps

"Tri-Fold Wallet American Made by Raven Hollow. Crafted in Maine. Handsome, sturdy leather wallet. Very impressive workmanship. 2 Scalloped credit card pockets, Cash pockets, Photo slot, New improved lining. Snaps and hook (no chain). Made in USA."


Official Website;

Product Review; "I bought this after becoming so tired of cheaply made wallets that last barely a year before showing serious signs of wear. Now at the time of this review it's been about two years and the Raven Hollow Tri-Fold is holding up extremely well! It's bulky (especially if at all full), and any change must be negotiated away from the two folding points in order to fully close with the snaps locked. A very conservative and utilitarian domestic made wallet!"



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