RustyMoyher WildRooster Astro Duel Indie Action Steam PC Video Game

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

"A competitive space combat game for 2 to 4 players. For Windows, Mac, iPad and Apple TV. Deluxe version for Nintendo Switch Two players / Four Players.FEATURES; 13 dynamic arenas. Ship Hunters, Pilot Hunters and Team Deathmatch game modes. Devastating powerups, A variety of game variants, Computer AI with two levels of difficulty (Desktop). Play with a keyboard or game controllers. YOUR SHIP A SPLODE." -RustyMoyher

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Product Review; "Absolutely awesome party game - and simple enough to play amongst the chaos of a lot of people, or while drinking. Easy to explain and pick up and play, but a high level of skill can be employed, especially against hard-level AI. No real campaign to speak of, but I cot my copy on Steam for about a dollar and change - so it still ended up being a great deal on a great Developed in USA Game!" -MadeInUSAReview

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