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Schulze&BurchBiscuitCo Flavor Kist Fruit & Grain Apple Cinnamon / Blueberry / Strawberry Cereal Bars

"The Flavor Kist name is known for high quality wholesome snack food. Over the years the Flavor Kist brand produced hundreds of delicious, innovative products. Launched shortly after the Second World War, the Flavor Kist brand embodied Paul Schulze's motto "there is one best in everything". In the forties, Flavor Kist launched a new kind of cracker-thinner than the typical soda type cracker available at the time and called it a 'saltine'. The saltine was wildly popular and soon copied. Many packaging innovations ensued. The first to introduce the 1/4 pack, the Flavor Kist saltine's convenient packaging was also soon copied. At the same time a premium line of cookies was developed. Everything from a delicious chocolate chip to exotic coconut macaroons was available. By the seventies the Flavor Kist cracker business had shifted-no longer producing saltines, the brand had advanced into flavored snack crackers such as Mucho Macho Nachos, topped crackers and an ahead of its time "all natural" graham cracker. Shifts in the market place, "the cookie wars" and other factors lead up to the evolution into different product lines, in which the Flavor Kist brand thrives today." -ShulzeBurch

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Product Review; "A great grab-and-go snack - If you (like me) rarely eat in the morning (and probably should), grabbing one of these bars with a coffee in the morning is quick and surprisingly satisfying. Don't buy the 'big brand' competitor, try one of the American made underdogs, and be pleasantly surprised!"



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