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SnapHeat Portable Instant Heat Reusable Thermal Pad

" heat packs are portable and generate reliable scent free, instant heat, where and when you need it. Our heat packs are fully reusable again and again and are ideal for any application where safe, convenient, fast, scent free, heat is required. No batteries or electrical cords are required for use."


Official Website;

Product Review; "The winters in the northeast can be really brutal - sheer winds that really take any bit of warmth you had in your bones. I love utilizing a Thermal Pad on a particular morning but I hate the single use (then landfill) style hand warmers. Thankfully Snap Heat is an American manufacturer of virtually infinitely reusable gel filled heat packs. In a variety of shapes, they can be for more than your hands. They give off a nice amount of heat but not quite as hot as the one-and-done "sandbag" type hand warmer. I recommend picking up one or two to try - they're cheap and a warming yet "cool" experience (to see the gel instantly turn solid)." -MadeInUSAReview


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