TheGoodBeanInc Favas + Peas Habanero Citrus Flavor Snack (6oz bag)

"This colorful mix of crispy roasted favas and green peas packs a protein wallop - 7g of plant protein and 3g of fiber per serving! To make our crispy roasted favas and green peas, we soak them raw and then quickly crisp them with a spritz of coconut oil to retain maximum nutrition and that all-important crunch. Try these super satisfying snacks any time you're looking for something nutritious to grab on the go, add some tasty protein to your salad or stir-fry, or to pack a balanced lunchbox for school. Certified gluten free. Soy free. Vegan. Non-gmo project verified. Kosher. Made in the USA."


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Product Review; "If you're looking for something portable with full flavor and a solid crunch - if you like corn nuts but want healthier ingredients, The Good Bean has been putting out a variety of great snacks available online or at a grocery near you! The Favas + Peas Jabanero-Citrus flavor has an addicting kick - even better than I was expecting - If this sounds appealing please give them a try!"


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