TootsieRollIndustriesLLC Junior Mints Eggs Creamy Dark Chocolate Candy (3.5oz Box)

"LIMITED EDITION ITEM - Springtime is here and that means Junior Mints Candy Eggs are here! Enjoy a cool refreshing mint center coated in dark chocolate with Easter pastel colors. Perfect for Easter basket building." -Shop.Tootsie

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Product Review; "An Easter-time special - Junior Mint Eggs taste the same as you always known, but are shaped and colored like a tiny speckled Easter egg. PERFECT for a celebratory Easter Basket for your kids, co-workers or that special someone! Especially great when frozen, and make a great edible decoration on birthday cakes or cupcakes. I love the seasonal candies - I think their rarity even makes them a little more special!" -MadeInUSAReview

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