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TrueLineMoldInc Timberwolf 8" Snapping Composite Wood/Plastic Shims

"Utilizing composite technology and wood beauty to provide an environmentally responsible product which will handle all of your home improvement shim needs with greater ease and affordability. Perfect for any repair, remodeling or shimming need the Timberwolf composite shim snaps cleaner and easier than wood saving you time. The Timberwolf composite shim is impervious to insects and moisture and is perfect for any outdoor uses."


Product Review; "Many uses in construction Shims can level, adjust and securely fit a piece during installation. Household furniture can be easily made level - you can fix that uneven fridge or couch in seconds (note these do not stick, so only for use on non-moving applications). Timberwolf Shims can support a large amount of weight before squashing - yet snap apart easily once you've raised your furnishing to the correct height."



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