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VonTrappBrewingCo Light / Dark Lager (Multiple Varieties / Sizes)

"Enjoy Vermont made Lagers at Von Trapp Brewing. Whether you prefer your beer light or heavy, hoppy or sweet, smooth or bold, you’ll find something to satisfy your palate at von Trapp Brewing. We offer an array of year-round and seasonal lagers at our brewery located at the world-famous Trapp Family Lodge. Stop in any time of year and enjoy a heavenly libation made right here in Stowe, Vermont." -VonTrappBrewing

Product Review; "Von Trapp Brewing has a huge selection of Lagers so they have you covered if you're like me - some nights I prefer a light and crisp beer, and sometimes I like my beer dark and bittersweet. Every brew I've tried is uniquely delicious, but some favorites are the Dunkel, Weisebier, Pilsner - I dare you to try their India Pale Lager, it's an especially flavorful and aromatic Beer (my personal favorite). If you like German style, you've GOT to try Von Trapp." -MadeInUSAReview


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