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Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair / Beard Cutting Kit (#79300-400T)

"Wahl® Color Pro® Clipper kit features a multi-cut clipper with adjustable taper control and Power-drive for excellent performance. Color key on clipper and corresponding color coded combs provide quick identification when selecting the guide comb you need. Get it right every time! Includes durable storage case and Wahl exclusive accessories." -Wahl

Product Review; "I started cutting my own hair many years ago, and I've gone through many Buzzers / Trimmers over the time. This Wahl Cutting Kit is really affordable (much cheaper than comparable models), almost unbreakable from normal use (mine has survived many drops) and always maintains a clean cut and won't pull at hair. Keep it lubricated and it can give great haircuts for years - it's unfortunate it's only Assembled in USA from worldwide parts (Wahl Hair Cutters used to be fully Made In USA)."



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