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Wege Sourdough Broken Pretzels (15oz Bag)

"WEGE OF HANOVER SOURDOUGH BROKEN PRETZELS - Try our classic sourdough pretzels today! Available in orders of 2 Bags! GUARANTEED FRESH - Our pretzels are guaranteed fresh until the printed day. Shipped factory fresh each day! NO PRESERVATIVES, NO TRANS FAT - Wege of Hanover has removed all preservatives and trans fats from our pretzels. ALL NATURAL - Our pretzels are made from the finest ingredients and cooked to perfection! WHOLE GRAIN GOODNESS - We carefully make our pretzels using the finest whole grain ingredients!" -Wege

Product Review; "My FAVORITE pretzels, and I have tried a lot of kinds of pretzles. A simple traditional snack but addictive and satisfying - perfect for anytime (but they can be a bit crumbly-messy). Salty and savory little broken pieces are the perfect size for bite-size nibbles or sharing by the handful. These are technically the broken pretzels from the factory - so Wege sells them for just a few dollars a bag. Give them a try (maybe with a little mustard), and I think you'll always want to keep a bag around the house in case of a snack emergency." -MadeInUSAReview


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