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WorldsFinestChocolateInc Queen Anne Milk Chocolate Covered Cordial Cherries (Multiple Sizes)

"Since 1939, World’s Finest® Chocolate has crafted premium chocolate directly from the cocoa bean. By using only the finest raw ingredients and our unique family recipe, we ensure that every piece will satisfy your chocolate cravings." -WorldsFinestChocolate

Official Website (WFChocolate);

Official Website (WorldsFinestChocolate);

Product Review; "Ive tried Celia's Cordial Cherries (of the Tootsie Roll Company), but had never come across the Queen Anne (WorldsFinestChocolate) version - I have to say they are definitely different (with same-sized cherries, but with a frosting and syrup interior). The company had gone through some changes / buyouts recently, now owned by a leading fundraising company - But it seems they are sticking to the most important original values, family, community support, and manufacturing in the USA ! I love them, great as a an indulgent dessert, or valentines gift."



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