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AllAmericanClothing 100% Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt (Multiple Colors)

"The long sleeve version of our AAT: 6.1 Oz. High quality heavy weight fabric. 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Open-end yarn. Full cut specs. Taped shoulder to shoulder. Two needled bottom hem. Made in California USA" -AllAmericanClothing

Product Review; "Made in USA clothing is something everyone has to try - the seams don't come unthreaded by the 5th time you wash it, The fabric is generally thicker and made from better materials and it's just dependable - I'm never surprised by some manufactutring fault or defect in production. This Long Sleeve Shirt is less than $20 but performs to the quality standards that other companies charge $45 for. This is a nice lounging or school shirt - no logos or patterns, just a simple well fitting 100% Cotton Long-Sleeve / Light Sweater." -MadeInUSAReview


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