AmericanLicoriceCompany Ragin' Reds Sour Punch Bites Chewy Candy (Multiple Sizes)

"Soft & chewy sour candy bites in favorite red flavors. 4 Ragin’s Reds varieties: Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry & Raspberry. Pair these mouthwatering Bites® with salty snacks on movie night. Experience a rush of sour flavor smothered over sweet candy bites. Stock up your pantry with these resealable bags that keep candy fresh. Low fat, low sodium, Kosher certified candy." -SourPunch

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Product Review; "While the flavors end up tasting almost identical, this is a nice mix of sweet chewy sour candy. You can find them at an average convenience store for a few dollars - They're definitely on the super-sweet end of the candy scale, but if that's what you're into it's a good value. Ingredients aren't the healthiest at all, but an infrequent candy purchase can be a nice treat - or that boost or sugar if you need it." -MadeInUSAReview



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