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AmericanLiquoriceCompany Assorted Flavor Sour Punch Bites Chewy Candy (Multiple Sizes)

"Soft & chewy texture of a Sour Punch® straw in flavorful candy bites. Includes 3 flavor favorites: Blue Raspberry, Apple & Strawberry5oz bags of Sour Punch Bites® make perfect sweet treats on the go. Mouthwatering candy pairs perfectly with salty snacks Low fat, kosher certified candy with signature sugar coating Sour Punch Bites® also available in Ragin’ Reds & Tropical Blends." -SourPunch

Product Review; "Pure junkfood - but sometimes you really just need a sugary sour chewy candy along with that mindless action flick to really make that saturday night right. This version has apple, strawberry and raspberry flavored candies (though they are not very individually recognizable). Cost only a few dollars depending on the size - because sometimes we all want cheap candy, but we should stop giving any more money to the massive monopolies with disgusting practices." -MadeInUSAReview


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