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PromotionInMotionCompaniesInc WelchsFoodsInc Real Berries And Cherries Fruit Candy (Multiple Sizes)

"Welch’s® Fruit Snacks feature Fruit as the 1st Ingredient, with 100% DV Vitamin C, 25% DV Vitamins A & E, No Preservatives and more! The Berries ‘N Cherries variety features the perfect combination of flavors: Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Dark Cherry, Strawberry and Raspberry." -WelchsFruitSnacks

Product Review; "When I was younger I didn't care what kind of fruit snack it was, and I ate tons of imported, unhealthy junk, disgusting "sugar-free" attempts that gave me an upset stomach, or supported companies like haribo - now found to be using essentially slave labor in their factories. Then I slowly became aware of how "fudged-up" foreign (and sometimes domestic) companies can be - I switched to buying locally / local farmers and trying to cook from ingredients. Anyways, Welchs has so many addictive delicious fruit snack flavors and I know my dollar is going to a moral, honest company and collective of farmers."



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